Poetry Smoetry

April 5, 2010

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair, Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy, Was he?

Now THAT is poetry!  It rhymes, it tells a story and I don’t have to suffer a brain hemorrhage trying to understand the deep meaning.  His name was Fuzzy Wuzzy, he was a bear, he lacked hair…so he wasn’t fuzzy.  Got it!  I am a simple woman, with simple tastes and I just don’t get all these flowery, tongue in cheek, long-winded poems…all of which I am supposed to “figure out” what the author was trying to say.  I love poetry that rhymes (I honestly thought that was part of the thrill and challenge of poetry), and poetry that tells a story (one I can understand), and poetry that’s humorous (a special treat cause I love to laugh).

When I was in design school in Pittsburgh (yes, I went to design school), a group of us discovered Rod McKuen.  I remember sitting in coffee shops with my copy of Listen to the Warm, holding it upright in my hands so everyone could see how intellectual and sensitive I was.  I didn’t really understand even half of what I was reading, but Rod was “the man” in those days and I wanted everyone to think “I got it.”

I write poetry.  No one who ever reads one of my poems would ever say, “Wow that woman is deep!”  They might giggle a little or at least smile, but I could never be accused of making them sweat out the true message in my words.

I attend an open mic night the first Thursday of every month at Royal Bean Coffeehouse in Raleigh.  There is one poet who reads every time and gets a huge round of applause whenever he steps up to the mic.  He writes funny, relevant, understandable poetry about current issues in life that we all deal with at one time or another.  People love him and I believe it’s because for the few brief moments he’s at the mic we get to smile and sometimes even laugh and we understand completely what he’s saying to us.

I will continue to write rhyming, simple poetry.  Call it childish, uneducated or shallow…but at least I know it will never be considered dull and anyone can understand it.