I’m back………

I haven’t posted anything on this blog site for quite some time. So many things were happening in my life and I needed to take some time to re-group and get my act together again.

I finally got a full time job in July, only to be laid-off again in August. That really sent me into a downward spiral for awhile. I finally sat down and had a good heart-to-heart talk with the universe and realized that this was a way of the literary Gods giving me more time to pursue my writing talents and loves. I can’t squander this gift, so I immediately began working on getting published on more than just a blog site.

I’m taking a beginners freelance class at a local community college here in Raleigh. It’s a six week course and we just completed week four. I have learned so much from this class, that I am feeling really encouraged now to pitch some ideas to local and national magazines and get on with my life as a full-time writer.

If any of you are struggling with your creative muse and want a fresh outlook, I’d thoroughly suggest taking a course somewhere. It can give you a much needed energy infusion and bring back the enthusiasm you may have lost along the way to getting your work published.

I’ll be in letting you know how my journey goes. I hope you tune in and following me along the way.


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